Soccer Skills Video: Shooting                                              Back to Basic Soccer Skills
Shooting strength can be developed through three basic shooting fundamentals:

First, the toe must be pointed down and the heel up, when shooting the ball.  Lock the
ankle and hold this position while kicking through the ball (you may need to lift your knee to
hold this position on follow through).  The ball should make contact with the top of the foot,
not the toe.  

Second, strike the ball in the center, not the top, bottom, left, or right sides.   Look at the goal
(preferably a corner), and then focus on the ball, watching your foot kick the middle of the

Thirdly, power on the soccer shot is generated from the knee down.  The speed with which
you can straighten your leg will determine how hard you can kick the soccer ball.

To practice, it is best to find a wall or stiff net (Coerver Wall) to kick the ball against.  This
way the ball will bounce back and you can kick it over and over.  
shooting soccer skill video