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The  "Scotch" is an advanced soccer skill, used to quickly move the ball past the

As the soccer ball is rolling forward, step over the ball with the front foot. While placing the
foot down in front of the ball (looks like a fake kick), use the back of the front foot's heal to
tap it backward to the back foot (which is slightly angled, and thus ricocheting the ball
behind the front leg. Turn to the direction of the ball and take it with the former plant foot past
the defender.  This move can also be performed while stationary (and is much easier).

Benefits of the Scotch:

The Scotch can be used while stopped or while moving.  It is a surprising, quick move to
launch the ball right past a defender.

Scotch Notes:

Don’t lean back, move slowly or stand too upright when performing the Scotch soccer skill.  
It must be an instantaneous deflection off of the attacker's heel.
scotch soccer skill video