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The  "Puska" or "Pull & Push" is a basic soccer skill, designed to move the ball back and
away from the defender who is coming from a side angle.

As the ball is moving forward, place the first foot beside the ball, and use the second foot on
top of the ball to stop and pull it back towards you.  Then, turn the body in the direction you
wish to go, and with the same foot, push the ball with the inside of the foot away from the

Benefits of the Puska:

The Puska is a simple way to change direction with the soccer ball.  The defender is usually
thrown completely off guard.  The first part of the Puska is a simple Pull Back soccer skill.  It
can be used in conjunction with the Pull Back Cruyff, which is the complement move to go in
the opposite direction .

Puska Notes:

Don’t lean back, move slowly, or stand too upright when performing the Puska soccer skill.  
It must be performed quickly and catch the defender by surprise.  It can be used to pass or
simply change direction around a defender.
puska soccer skill video