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The  "Maradona" is an advanced soccer skill, designed to quickly change direction and
move the ball away from the defender.

While the ball is moving forward, place the first foot on the top of the ball to stop the ball.  
Then jump and rotate the body to the side of the second foot.  While in the air, lift the first foot
and pass over the ball.  While passing over the ball, the second foot is used to drag the ball,
sending it rolling at a 45 degree angle from the original direction.  The Maradona can be
mastered into a seamless move, that can be used at full speed.

Benefits of the Maradona:

When done properly, it is very hard to defend, as the attacker is on top of the ball and
changing direction away from the defender.

Maradona Notes:

Practice makes perfect!  Don't stand too upright, or move too slowly.  The Maradona is a
difficult spin move that requires some work to get both feet on the ball, while working to pull
it forward in the correct direction.  The common mistake is missing the ball with the second
foot altogether.
maradona soccer skill video