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The  "Ice" is an advanced soccer skill, designed to freeze the  defender, while quickly
moving the ball away and past him.

As the ball is moving forward, place the outside foot over the ball.  Then swing the second
foot  between the plant foot and the ball, plant, and quickly kick the ball using the heel of the
first plant foot – quickly moving past the defender as he freezes while the ball changes
directions. Planting both feet over the ball creates a "hop" that should tell the defender the
ball is going the same direction, while the heel knocks the ball the opposite direction.  
When executed with speed and skill, this move is very elusive.

Benefits of the Ice:
Attacker rapidly moves to the other side of the defender, moving the ball away from the
defender, while freezing him.

Ice Notes:
Don’t lean back or stand too upright when performing the Ice soccer skill.  It must be
performed quickly and with a sudden burst of speed to go past the defender.
ice soccer skill video