Soccer Skills Video: Goal Keeping                                         Back to Basic Soccer Skills
Good goalkeeping skills are learned with much practice.

The goalkeeper is the only player on the field allowed to use his hands (and then only
inside the penalty box). Once the ball is picked up, the goalie or "keeper" has six seconds to
punt it or release it.  The keeper can pick the ball up, run, punt, throw, drop, roll, dribble and
kick it.  The goalie cannot pick the ball up outside of the penalty box and cannot pick up the
ball until after an opponent has touched it.  So if a teammate passes it back to the goalie
(which is called a "drop"), the goalie cannot pick it up, but must handle the soccer ball with
his feet only.  The keeper is supposed to be protected inside the penalty box. The soccer
ball may not be kicked if the goalie is touching it with his hand or arm.   Also, if the referee
feels the goalkeeper is in danger, a foul may be called. He must wear a shirt or jersey that
is recognizably different from all other players.  Therefore, goalies must wear different jersey
to distinguish them from the other soccer players.
goal keeping soccer skill video