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The  "Elastico" is an advanced soccer skill, designed to quickly flip the soccer ball in the
opposite direction with the toe of the foot...

Usually this soccer skill is used at slow speed or when stopped.  As the defender pursues,
the attacker fakes kicking or passing the ball one direction, and quickly catches the ball
underneath with his toe and flips it the other.  This quick move throws the defender off base
and should be followed up with a sudden burst of speed to the open area around the
defender, or a quick pass to a teammate.

Benefits of the Elastico:

The Elastic soccer skill makes it appear the ball is going to go one direction, when the toe
hidden by the ball flips it the opposite direction.

Elastico Notes:

Don’t lean back or stand too upright when performing the Elastico soccer skill.  It must be
performed quickly, selling the defender.  Often, the attacker can miss the ball with his toe
while trying to flip the ball the other direction.  So this skill must be practiced until mastered.
Don't allow the defender too close while performing this soccer skill.
elastico soccer skill video