Soccer Skills Video: Dribbling                                                Back to Basic Soccer Skills
Dribbling is a basic soccer skill, that must be mastered for good ball control in the field
of play.

Dribbling is used keep the ball away from defenders, and to position the ball to make
passes or shots at the goal.  Learning to dribble the ball with all parts of the foot is an ability
that all players should be able to perform.  Players should practice basic dribbling with the
inside, outside and bottom of the foot to control the direction of the ball on the ground.

Benefits Dribbling:

Dribbling skills are the foundation for good passes, goal shots, and individual moves used
to beat defenders on one on one situations.

Dribbling Notes:

Don’t lean back, move too slowly, or stand too upright when dribbling.  The most common
mistake is when a player tries to take on multiple defenders by dribbling, instead of making
a good pass to another teammate.  
In effective soccer play, dribbling is not used to move the
ball down the field, for the fastest and best way to move the soccer ball down field is by
dribbling soccer skill video