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The  "Double Lunge" is an advanced soccer skill, designed to freeze the  defender, while
quickly moving the ball away in the opposite direction.

As the ball is moving forward, the attacker swings his first foot to one side, which appears
as though he is going to kick the ball that direction.  Then the second foot quickly swings to
the same side, and catches the ball with the inside of the same foot, pushing it the opposite

Benefits of the Double Lunge:

Attacker fakes a lunge in the opposite direction, thus moving the ball quickly away from the
defender, while freezing him.

Double Lunge Notes:

Don’t lean back, move to slowly, or stand too upright when performing the Double Lunge
soccer skill.  It must be performed quickly, with a good first lunge and sudden burst of
speed to go past the defender.
double lunge soccer skill video