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soccer juggling
Juggling is the art of keeping the
soccer ball from hitting the ground by
bouncing it off of one's foot, knee,
head, chest, back or shoulders.  
Check out these soccer juggling
videos and learn to juggle.  Soccer
juggling will strengthen your overall
ball control and game.

Watch these soccer juggling videos
and learn ball control for the game.

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Soccer Juggling Videos

Awesome Soccer Juggling
This guy can juggle like no
other we've seen...check this
soccer video out!!

Juggling Starts Video
Here are a couple ways to
get the ball up in the air for

Basic Soccer Juggling
Juggling is the basis for great
soccer ball control.  Watch
this soccer video!
Juggling is a fundamental soccer skill, that is a must in
establishing good "touch" with the soccer ball.

How to juggle:

Daily juggling at home is best.  Try and do 100 touches with each body part: the right
foot, the left foot; then both feet (alternating from one foot to the other); tops of the
thighs (alternating from one thigh to the other); and finally with the head.

Benefits of Juggling:

Gain more confidence on the ball while increasing overall skill.
Soccer juggling is the best exercise to develop touch with the soccer ball.  When
juggling, learning to control the body is very important. Being able to make quick,
bodily adjustments with all muscles is developed through juggling.  Better balance
will enable a soccer player to move to the right, while maintaining balance to shoot
the ball to the left, etc.  With good juggling skills, players will make better passes,
beat defenders more easily, and be able to hold the ball against defensive pressure,
because of better touch on the ball.

Juggling Notes:

Keeping the toe pointed upward, helps maintain ball control when juggling off the top
of the foot.
soccer juggling
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