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The following tells about good soccer nutrition and diet.  Good soccer nutrition can provide
the soccer player's body with energy to endure a hard game...  
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Soccer Diet & Nutrition: Water
It is important to stay well hydrated when practicing and playing the game of soccer.  Water
and sports drinks without sugars are the best liquids to do just that.  Juices and soda pops
are not good for the athlete, nor is caffeine.  Caffeine can actually dehydrate the body.  
Good sports drinks will provide some carbohydrates and electrolytes to help increase the
rate of fluid absorption.  Thus a good sport drink is slightly better than just plain water,
therefore many athletes enjoy the flavors and advantages they bring over H2O.  Many
soccer players drink small amounts of water, but frequently.  The small amounts allow time
for absorption, and do not upset the stomach.

Soccer Diet & Nutrition: Fat
Consuming fat calories, for the soccer player, is pretty much meaningless and should be
avoided (or at least minimized), as fat does not provide a great deal of energy.  
Carbohydrates and proteins are thus the best diet to provide energy and build muscle.

Soccer Diet & Nutrition: Protein
Eating meats, nuts and eggs will provide a great source of protein for the soccer player’s
diet.  However, proteins should only make up a small part of the diet, as carbohydrates will
be the main source of the soccer player’s energy.  Proteins are good for nutrition, because
they replenish cells and muscle, but they should be eaten sparingly before a soccer game.

Soccer Diet & Nutrition: Carbs
Carbohydrates, such as potatoes (starches), bread, cereals, pastas (flours), and low-fat
dairy products, provide great energy for long, endurance-needed sports, such as soccer.  
To prepare for a soccer game, the intake of carbs should be increased, while the intake of
proteins decreased. and Angels & Ghosts, LLC All content Soccer Nutrition & Diet copyright 2006-2007