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The film entitled Shaolin Soccer was first released in 2001 and the movie made its debut in the
United States in 2004.  You may read about
Shaolin Soccer and watch the video below:
shaolin soccer
One of the greatest movies to ever leave Hong Kong, Shaolin Soccer is a comedy that
combines Shaolin Kung fu and soccer.  Five brothers must find a way to spread and teach
the significance of Shaolin Kung fu through soccer.  Each brother has his own greater
ability.  The main character, Sing (also known as Steel Leg), is the fifth brother and is the
only brother to not give up on their cause.  He meets a star soccer player from long ago,
Fung (also known as Golden Leg) and together, they rally the other brothers together.  
(The first brother is known as Iron Head, the second is Hooking Leg, the third is Iron Shirt,
the fourth is Empty Hand, and the sixth is Weight Vest.)  After missing the game winning PK,
Golden Leg’s leg was crippled by fans.  His friend, Hung, would then go on to become a star
soccer player and eventually the coach of the great Team Evil.  After resurfacing their
Shaolin Kung fu powers and with Golden Leg as their coach, the team enters the local
tournament of which Team Evil has won the past five years.

The moral of Shaolin Soccer: Once you find that one pair of shoes that fits you perfectly, you will
know it.

If you like Martial Arts, movies that spoof on other movies, or even Puma® Athletic Apparel, this movie is
recommended.  This movie is definitely recommended if you liked the movie
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist and
vice versa.

Facts about Shaolin Soccer:
-Shaolin Soccer was banned in mainland China.  It did not await certification before being released in
Hong Kong.  It was the most successful Hong Kong movie ever created.  It made HK$60 million, which is
US $7.7 million

-The Shaolin goalkeeper mocks Bruce Lee and his martial arts style. He rubs his nose and teases his
opponent like Bruce Lee.  He has a Lee-like haircut and wears the same yellow jumpsuit Lee wears in
Game of Death (1978). When he is carried off the field, he is wearing the big-lens sunglasses Bruce Lee
often wore. At the same time, he lies in exactly the same way Bruce Lee was laying in Hong Kong when he
was in his coffin.

-Stephen Chow was inspired by Captain Tsubasa (1983), an animated series that mainly revolves around
the sport of soccer.

-Shaolin Soccer’s United states release date was rescheduled many times over a year and a half.

-At the beginning of the movie, when young Fung (Golden Leg) misses the PK, the scoreboard shows that
the team names are “Universe” (which is the distributor) and “The Star” (which is the production

-In the Italian version, all of the main characters have  professional soccer player names: Sinisa
Mihajlovic, Damiano Tommasi, Marco Delvecchio, Vincent Candela, Angelo Peruzzi, and Giuseppe

-The vibrations in the cup of water sitting next to Fung (Golden Leg) at the training field are like the
vibrations in the cup of water in Jurassic Park (1993).

-To make her head look like it was shaved, Vicki Zhao had to sit in a makeup chair for eight to ten hours
each day.

-Stephen Chow dubs his own voice for the American release.
the movie:

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