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funny soccer videos
Sometimes you just need a good
laugh.  Soccer can provide that, too!

These soccer videos show funny
referees, plays, fights (not-so-funny),
and more.   

Watch these funny soccer videos and
take a break from the game.

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Why do we post some funny soccer videos?  Sometimes you just
have to laugh at yourself and the game.  Soccer always has plenty of
surprises, and some of them are funny.  

Maybe funny soccer videos remind all of us that this is just a game,
and that it should not be taken too serious.  We should enjoy watching
and playing the sport, but not lose perspective of this game versus
life.  Sports should be used to learn lessons to help all of us in the
game of life.  All need to learn to overcome adversity, good
sportsmanship (appreciating all people), working together as a team,
and working hard to achieve "goals" in life.
Funny Soccer Videos

Dancing Soccer Referee
This video has a guy who
is a dancing fool on the
soccer field...

Missed Soccer Goal
Funny soccer video of a
goal that should not have
been missed.
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