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Read about the history of the World Cup soccer tournament and take a look at the past winners and scores.  
Held every four years, each World Cup seems to make history on its own as it unites countries, yet pits them
in an exciting competition.
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The history of World Cup Soccer goes back to the start of FIFA, which
was formed in 1904.  History tells us seven European soccer
associations from Denmark, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and
the Netherlands met in Paris, France and created the Fédération
Internationale de Football Association.  FIFA’s headquarters eventually
moved to Geneva, Switzerland and the first World Cup held in 1930.  
There have been 18 World Cup tournaments as of 2006.

However, World Cup Soccer History really owes its beginnings to Jules
Rimet who became President of the World Football Association in the
year of 1921.  He proposed an international tournament to unite the
world and of course the various soccer federations.  Rimet, along with
other officials organized the first World Cup Soccer tournament for 1930.  
The history of World Cup Soccer truly was formed through the World
Football Federation’s efforts after World War I to bring forth Rimet’s
vision that “soccer could reinforce the ideals of a permanent and real
peace.”  This vision was planted in 1926, and by May 26th, 1928 five
European countries and the host country of Uruguay made history by
planning the first World Cup Soccer tournament.   They attempted to
keep the World Cup Soccer tournaments between the years of the
scheduled summer and winter Olympic games.  The first World Cup
game was played on July 13th, 1930 in Pocitos Stadium with France
beating Mexico 4-1.  And so, the history of World Cup soccer games

The first World Cup games had European teams France, Romania,
Yugoslavia and Belgium compete along with South American teams of
Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru and the
North American teams of Mexico and the United States.  This gave the
World Cup thirteen teams to compete for the trophy which bore Jules
Rimet’s name, with Uruguay eventually beating out Argentina for the
Cup.  The history of the early World Cup games ended abruptly for twelve
years due to World War II.  Three tournaments were played before the
war, but when the World Cup resumed it rapidly grew in interest and
status, again.  From 1958 through 1998, the World Cup was held
alternately between Europe and the Americas, until history of the game
changed again.  Then, Korea and Japan were selected as co-hosting
countries for the 2002 World Cup Soccer games.   

When one looks at World Cup history spanning over seventy years, the
sixteen tournaments have only had seven different winners.  There has
been quite a bit of drama, with a history of upsets that have shocked
many soccer fans.  

It is estimated that billions of people around the world watch soccer on
TV, and the World Cup is truly a global event.  FIFA estimates that 240
million people play soccer regularly in more than 200 countries.  As
soccer is claimed by many to be the most popular sport in the world, the
World Cup Soccer Tournament is brilliant in bringing all of this world
excitement together at once, every four years.
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The World Cup Soccer Cup
World Cup: A History of

Below you will find the World
Cup tournaments, winners and
host countries since 1930, the
first year.
Year  Winner              Runner-Up          Host Country
1930  Uruguay              Argentina             Uruguay
1934  Italy                     Czechoslovakia    Italy
1938  Italy                     Hungary                France
(World War II 12 year delay)
1950  Uruguay              Brazil                    Brazil
1954  West Germany    Hungary               Austria
1958  Brazil                   Sweden               Sweden
1962  Brazil                   Czechoslovakia   Chile
1966  England              West Germany      England
1970  Brazil                   Italy                      Mexico
1974  West Germany    Holland                 West Germany
1978  Argentina            Holland                 Argentina
1982  Italy                     West Germany     Spain
1986  Argentina            West Germany     Mexico
1990  West Germany    Argentina             Italy
1994  Brazil                   Italy                      United States
1998  France                Brazil                    France
2002  Brazil                   Germany              Korea / Japan
2006  Italy                      France                Germany
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Photo of the first team to make World Cup soccer
tournament history as its winner, Uruguay.
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