Soccer Skills Video: Trapping                                                Back to Basic Soccer Skills
Trapping is a basic soccer skill that needs to be mastered for control and effective play
in a soccer game.

There are four basic trapping methods that need to be learned by the soccer player to gain
control of the ball from a pass:

Roof Trap - For a ball in the air between the knee and ground, the soccer player places
the bottom of the shoe on top of the soccer ball, effectively stopping it.

Inside Foot Trap - For a ball moving toward the soccer player on the ground, the soccer
player uses the side of the foot to cushion and stop the ball, thus gaining control.

Chest Trap - The soccer player uses his chest with arms slightly extended, to stop a ball
that is higher in the air, directing it straight down to the ground.

Thigh Trap - The soccer player uses the top of the thigh to stop a lower air ball that is
between the waist and knee.
trapping soccer skill video