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The  "Throw In" is a basic soccer skill, that is used a lot and thus needs to be learned

The team that last touched the ball when it goes out of bounds over the side line, loses the
ball to the other team. The other team is then allowed to throw the ball back into play. This
play is known as a "throw-in".

During a throw-in, the ball must be thrown from behind the sideline, behind and over the
player's head using both hands, facing the field and with part of both feet touching the
ground.  If the ball does not reach the field of play, the throw-in is re-taken by the same team.

After a throw-in, the person who threw the ball cannot touch the ball until it has touched
another player. An illegal throw-in means your team loses the ball and the other team gets
an opportunity to throw the ball in from the same spot.  

Throw In Notes: A goal cannot be scored by throwing the ball into the net, and a player is
not offsides if he receives the ball from a throw-in.
throw in soccer skill video