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The  "Stop & Go" is a basic soccer skill, designed to freeze the  defender who is running
beside the attacker, getting him to stop abruptly.

As the ball is moving forward, place the first foot on top of the ball to stop it for a few
seconds.  Then quickly use the second foot to toe-kick the ball about three yards forward
again.  Follow the kick with a sudden burst of speed to catch up to the ball, while the
defender is still frozen.

Benefits of the Stop & Go:

Fakes out the defender who is even with or ahead of the attacker.  Makes the defender stop
thinking the attacker is going to change direction, allowing the attacker to again take-off

Stop & Go Notes:

Don’t lean back or stand too upright when performing the Stop & Go soccer skill.  It must be
performed quickly in full stride and with a sudden burst of speed to beat the frozen
defender.  It should look like a pull back maneuver is about to be performed, causing the
defender to stop.
stop & go soccer skill video