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Soccer "Positions" will vary from league to league and will range from 5 to 11 in total

There is only one goalkeeper per team, and may be referred to as "goalie,"
"keeper," or just "keep." The goalie defends his team's goal. Goalies must wear a different
jersey, and usually stay within the penalty box.

Defenders:  Usually teams have three to four defenders.  They are also known as
"fullbacks."  Fullbacks play closest to their own goal.  A defender's primary job is to stop
attackers from scoring.  

Midfielders:  Most teams have between two to four midfielders who play between the
forwards and defenders.  They are called midfielders, because they spend most of their
time in the middle of the field, but run the length of the field.  They play defense as well as
offense, and are critical in transferring the ball from the defense up to the offense.  
Midfielders, along with forwards, can score goals.

Forwards:  Teams have between one to three forwards whose job is offense - scoring
goals.  Typically, forwards or "strikers" are fast and possess some of the team's best foot
skills.  They play closer to the opponent's goal.  

Note:  Two other positions that some teams use are "sweeper" and "stopper."  Sweepers
play behind the fullbacks (defenders) and stoppers will play between the fullbacks
(defenders) and the midfielders. Both positions are used to add additional defenders and
to give defensive strength to the center of the soccer field.
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