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The  "Rainbow" is not usually used in a game, but is good for foot skill development.

Facing sideways, stand with your stronger leg to the front and the ball on the ground
between your legs.  
Roll the ball with the inside of your back foot up the back side of your front leg. While doing
this, slightly lean your body forward to get the right angle for the ball's travel.  After the ball
right below your calf, let go of the ball with your back foot and  step forward.  While stepping
forward, use the heal of your stronger leg to kick the ball upward. When doing this, your body
must lean forward so the ball will arc over your head and not just straight up.  Look for the
ball to make its way over your head and in front of you.  As you become better with the
Rainbow, it should be done in one fluid motion.

Benefits of the Rainbow:

Fun soccer trick to learn.  Helps develop foot skills.

Rainbow Notes:

This is tricky to get the hang of, as one foot is placing the ball on top of the other to perform
the rainbow flip.  Be sure and lean forward for the flip of the soccer ball.
rainbow soccer skill video
Rainbow Complete Instruction Video