Soccer Skills Video: Pull Back                                                             Back to Soccer Skills
The Pullback is a simple soccer skill used to change direction when the defender is not
allowing you to move forward.

While the ball is moving forward, place the plant foot next to the ball.  Using the second foot,
stop the soccer ball by placing the second foot on top of it.  Then, pull the ball back in the
opposite direction, while turning the body (while the ball is being pulled back).  Quickly move
away from the defender in the opposite direction.

Benefits of the Pull Back:
The Pull Back soccer skill is an easy to learn move to change direction and puts the
defender away from the ball and at your back as the body shields the ball.

Pull Back Notes:
The Pull Back soccer skill should be performed quickly, while not standing too upright or
leaning forward.  Be sure to not lose sight of the ball when performing the Pull Back and be
sure to perform it quickly and power away from the defender.
pull back soccer skill video