Soccer Skills Video: Passing                                                 Back to Basic Soccer Skills
Passing is important to master and understand, as it is the quickest and best way to
move the ball down field.

There are many ways to pass the soccer ball, and practice makes perfect.  A pass is made
by foot,  head, chest or thigh, to a teammate.It is important to develop touch on the ball, so
the soccer player can control the direction and length of the pass.  It is important to use the
side of the foot (when passing with the foot), and not the toe.  Any kicks with the toe will lack
direction and are harder to control.  For short passes, lean over the ball.  For longer
passes, lean back slightly to launch the ball into the air.

Benefits of Passing:

A ball can be moved down field faster than running with it.  It is the best way to beat
defenders and get behind them.

Passing Notes:

Don’t panic when passing.  Always try and see the field, looking for the open teammate.  
Make a good strong pass that your teammate can easily handle.  Use dribbling skills to
move the ball away from a defender to make a good pass.  Typically, the best teams in
soccer are the best at passing.
passing soccer skill video