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A "Header" is a basic soccer skill, designed to receive, pass, shoot or redirect the ball.

There are two types of headers, or "heading":

1) To clear the soccer ball on defense, in which the forehead to the top of the head is used
to knock a ball away from opponents.  Sometimes a defender may leap up to get more
power on the header.

2) To direct the soccer ball on offense, by using the forehead or side of the head to knock it
down, pass or shoot a goal typically off of  a corner kick or cross.

Benefits of the Header:

Simply used to get to soccer balls that are in the air, and thus beat an opponent to the ball.

Header Notes:

Young children should not practice this skill, until pre-teen.  Work on maintaining eye
contact with the ball, thus allowing for the ball to bounce off of the forehead near the
hairline, for more control.
soccer header heading