Soccer Skills Video: Double Touch                                                   Back to Soccer Skills
The Double Touch is a quick soccer skill used to push the ball rapidly past the defender.

The player quickly kicks the ball with the inside of one foot, to the other foot.  Then the player
quickly kicks the ball with the inside second foot, cutting the ball back in the reverse
direction around the defender.  Hence, the ball is quickly touched twice…the “double touch.”

Benefits of the Double Touch:

The Double Touch soccer skill causes the defender to react to the first touch, causing
misdirection…allowing an angle of attack to go around the defender.

Double Touch Notes:

Don’t stand too upright or lean forward while performing the Double Touch soccer skill.  
The first touch must be big enough to fake out the defender.  The second touch must move
the ball around to either side of the defender and not directly to him.  Immediately speed
past the defender after the second touch, with a sudden burst of speed.
double touch soccer skill video