Soccer Skills Video: Double Scissors                                            Back to Soccer Skills
The  "Double Scissors" is an advanced soccer skill, designed to freeze the  defender,
especially after the defender has seen the soccer player perform the single scissors

Make sure you turn the hips and shoulders to sell the Double Scissors to the defender.  The
first foot swings from the inside, over and to the outside front of the soccer ball.  The other
foot then repeats the same move in the opposite direction.  Then quickly push the ball with
the outside of the foot and past the defender.

Benefits of the Double Scissors:

It freezes the defender or even makes him step the wrong direction, thus allowing the
attacker to move past the defender.

Double Scissors Notes:

Don’t lean back, stand too upright, or move too slowly when doing the Double Scissors
skill.  It must be performed quickly, not too close to the defender, and followed with a
sudden burst of speed to go past the defender.
double scissors soccer skill video