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The  "Cruyff" is an advanced soccer skill, designed to make the defender think the ball
is going to be passed.

As the ball is moving forward, and using the inside of the foot, the attacker moves the ball
behind the plant foot and away from the defender.  The Cruyff is really sold when the
shoulders and leg swing big, as if to kick or pass, before moving the ball behind the other
leg and in the opposite direction.

Benefits of the Cruyff:

The defender thinks the ball is going to be kicked or passed, and thus lunges towards the
attacker.  This effectively takes the defender out of the play as the attacker changes direction
of the ball and moves past him.

Cruyff Notes:

Don’t lean back, move too slow, or stand too upright when performing the Cruyff skill.  It
must be performed quickly and with the shoulders turning to appear that you are kicking the
cruyff soccer skill video