Strengthening Muscles for Soccer

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The following information addresses strengthening muscles for soccer play.  Should weight lifting
be used in strengthening muscles?  Read on...
strengthening muscles
Strengthening Muscles

Soccer players should also work at strengthening muscles through a weight training
regimen, using a coach (and spotter if using free weights).  2-3 days per week on the
weight machine (or with free weights) should do the trick.  

Even though soccer is played with the legs, players can benefit from also strengthening
muscles of the entire body.  The upper body is used frequently to shield and block
opponents from the ball, so the muscle conditioned soccer player will not easily be pushed
off the ball.  Do not forget to work the legs (calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks, etc),
as well as the arms (biceps, triceps), chest (pectoralis majors), abdomen and back (laterals)

Strengthening muscles says it all; look for muscle strength not size and bulkiness.  That way
agility will not be lost, but enhanced.  The best soccer players use strengthening of their
muscles as part of their conditioning program.
strengthening muscles
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