Soccer Aerobic Drills

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The following aerobic drills are the basics, but help condition the soccer player to develop stamina
needed for a long game
.  Aerobic drills are therefore essential, as the soccer player may need to
go the full 90 minutes with out substitution...
aerobic drills
Aerobic Soccer Drills

Aerobic soccer drills are really not so much drills as they are finding a way to run distances
(jog) to simulate
the duration of soccer game play.  Soccer players who play almost an
entire game with little substitution can possibly run 5 miles or more per game.  Are you
ready to run the 90 minutes that soccer may demand?  This is why some high school
coaches have their players begin summer practice running 5-8 miles to begin their aerobic
conditioning.  Aerobic soccer drills build stamina.  To do this, the soccer player must do
aerobic soccer drills for a continuous
20 minutes or more, and thus strengthen the body’s
cardiovascular system.
 Cardio workouts are key in any sport and in good health.

There is no easy way to do aerobic drills, as they simply equate to time and jogging.  We
would recommend that during jogging drills that the head be up and not swinging from side
to side or up and down.  Good arm swing is also important for your aerobic soccer drills, as
well as landing on the central foot, shifting weight from the back to the front.  As with all
drills, take frequent water breaks between.

Aerobic Drills: Dribbling
Have soccer players dribble around the soccer field (some soccer coaches have their
players dribble all over within the soccer field) with the soccer ball at a slow jog (no walking)
for 20-30 minutes.  This aerobic drill will make the soccer conditioning workout a bit more
fun, while improving ball handling skills.

Aerobic Drills: Long Jog
Have soccer players jog 2-3 miles at a slower pace.  As their conditioning level grows, the
miles can be increased to 4 or more.  This aerobic drill should increase cardiovascular

Aerobic Drills: Short Jog
Have soccer players jog a quick 1-1.5 mile run once every 2-3 days.  This aerobic drill
should increase muscle endurance.

Note on Aerobic:
 Soccer players should try and run some on their own time, say before
school (or work), or on the weekend.  The better the aerobic conditioning, the better the
play on the field.  Can you imagine not being affected by the duration of the contest? and Angels & Ghosts, LLC All content Soccer Aerobic Drills copyright 2006-2007