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Ronaldinho.  Best Player in the
World?  You decide after watching
his videos.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (born
March 21st 1980) is a soccer player
more commonly known as
Ronaldinho Gaúcho, due to being
from the Rio Grande do Sul state of
Brazil, or more simply known as

Ronaldinho, Portuguese for "little
Ronaldo", was coined as a means
to distinguish himself from  
Brazilian soccer star
Ronaldo.Gaúcho was also added
to further distinguish him from
Ronaldo (who also sometimes is
known as Ronaldinho).  

Among Rinaldhino's many
achievements, he was awarded the
FIFA World Player of the Year award
in 2004 and 2005, European
Footballer of the Year, and FIFPro
World Player of the Year for 2005.
Ronaldhino is regarded as the best
soccer player in the world.  The
humble soccer star told
Four-Four-Two magazine, "I don't
even feel I'm the best at Barça."
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