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The following are soccer drills that help soccer players develop good passing skills.  Team
competitiveness inspired by these p
assing drills will make players work harder to improve.
passing soccer drills
Passing Soccer Drills: Basic Passing
Divide the soccer team into pairs, with each pair having a soccer ball.  Players should practice making good
passes and work to trap the ball properly.  This passing drill can be altered to also practice one-touch
passing, without trapping the soccer ball first.  Have player switch to the opposite trapping and passing leg
to develop skills in both feet.

Passing Soccer Drills: Circle Passing
Players can practice passing in this drill by forming a circle and passing the ball across it to another player.
Use two players in the middle of the circle to  try and intercept passes made by the players who form the
circle.  This is sort of like “monkey in the middle.”  When a player has a pass intercepted, that player goes
into the middle in place of the person who intercepted the ball.

Passing Soccer Drills: Pressure passing
Arrange the soccer players into a big circle, such as the center circle of the soccer field, and place one
player in the middle.  Using two balls, players forming the circle take turns passing to the man in the middle,
who must trap and make a good pass to a player on the circle (who must also trap and make a good pass to
the center player).  As soon as the player in the center makes the pass to an outside player, another ball is
passed to him which he must trap and pass back to another outside player, and so on.  This passing drill
should be played fast and really teaches the importance of quick and accurate passing.  The player in the
center of the circle should keep their head up and be looking at the target.  Switch the player in the middle
after a minute or two.  This drill also may be used to work on one-touch passing.

Passing Soccer Drills: Triangle / Square Pass
Arrange soccer players into a three player triangle or four player square.  Each group of players work to
trap and pass around the triangle or square.   After a few minutes, have the soccer players switch directions
and use the opposite leg to trap and pass.  This passing drill should help develop good passing with both
legs and trapping skills with both legs.  A defender may be added to try and intercept the passes.

Passing Soccer Drills: Running Square Pass
Set up a 10 yard x 10 yard square using a cone at each of the four corners.  Select four players to run
around the outside of the square (one player on each side) and give the ball to one of the players.  Players
try and make good passes across the square and to a player on the move on another side, while everyone
is jogging.  After a while, add a defender in the middle to try and steal the ball.  Rotate the defender.

Passing Soccer Drills: Triangles
Arrange three soccer players into a triangle (about ten yards apart from each other).  Player one passes
the soccer ball to player two and immediately runs between player two and three (forming a new triangle),
while player two is passing to player three.  Player two then runs between players three and one to form a
new triangle, while player three is passing to player one, and so forth.  This is a great passing drill that is
quick, and develops good passing, while learning to create open space and avoiding having the ball kicked
away, as each pass must dodge the running player.  Peripheral vision is also increased through this
passing drill.

Passing Drills: Three ball Keep-a-Way
Divide soccer players into two teams of equal numbers and play with just three soccer balls. The goal of this
passing soccer drill is for each team to try and possess as many balls as possible when play ends on the
coach’s whistle.  This passing drill should develop strong passing and teach the concept of finding open
space, while players learn how to make good decisions in dribbling and passing.  The team with possession
of two or more balls wins  each match.
Good passing is the
foundation of all great soccer
teams. Learning to trap and
control the soccer ball, then
make a good pass to the open
man is truly magic.  Passing
drills help to teach the skills of
keeping the head up, seeing
the players on the field,
controlling the ball and
making accurate, quick
passes on the ball.
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