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There are many soccer rules to look at.  We have provided the basic soccer rules by
video.  We strongly suggest reading the soccer rules for the league you intend to play in.

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) has their own soccer rules, which
they call "Soccer Laws."  They state everything from field size, number of players, time of
matches, methods of scoring, etc. The following is a link to the
soccer rules for FIFA.

Soccer rules are often changed for recreational, youth, women's and indoor soccer.  
Adjustments can be made in size of the field, length of game, number of players allowed,
number and frequency of substitutions, offside rules, and slide tackling. These rules may
also vary by age group, league and sex.  FIFA laws do not make mention of separate teams
for boys and girls, but many soccer clubs  have separate leagues for them, anyhow.
basic soccer rules video